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Focus on horseball

Horseball is a team sport played on ponies or horses with two competing teams of six horse riders (four on the pitch and two in reserve). Without getting down from their horses, the players need to hook a ball with six leather handles from the ground and pass it through raised hoops at each end of the pitch in a game of passing, tackle and defense.

A spectacular equestrian sport, horseball is physically demanding for players. Fair play and a sporting spirit are also required for this discipline. The enthusiasm of the spectators, the speed of the action and the combativeness of the players make it a real pleasure to watch! The excitement is palpable around the pitches, especially when the public cheer on their favourites from the galleries.


Horseball at the Paris Horse Show

If you enjoy speed, commitment and adrenalin and you’re a devoted supporter, come and watch the matches on Sunday 25th November 2018 in the Show arena of Hall 5a.