Nuit du Cheval

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Each year, the Paris Horse Show creates something truly special: the "Nuit du Cheval". The event blends sport with art and can be described purely and simply as a fantastic show. This year program is not available yet. Check last year's Nuit du Cheval :


8:30 PM on Saturday, 24 November 2018 during the Paris Horse Show, at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

The Paris Horse Show will be putting on an unforgettable experience for its visitors:a combination of high-level sport and art. What does it promise? A huge rush of adrenaline. All the makings of a major show, with a sound system and intense lighting: the riders and artists taking part in Nuit du Cheval are from completely different worlds, but are in total harmony when they meet.


Just prior to Nuit du Cheval, the venue will be hosting the Devoucoux Derby Cross Indoor, and equestrian artist Pierre Fleury and dance troupe Light Balance will be combining technology and dance for 30 minutes of exclusive entertainment.  
Pierre Fleury has been on France's version of the Got Talent series, while Light Balance have appeared on Britain's Got Talent (2014), and even got through to the finals of America's Got Talent (2017).


Pierre Fleury, a young freestyle prodigy, is a trainer, an acrobat, a whisperer and a stuntman. Completely self-taught, he has absolute trust in his horses – creatures with which he enjoys a moving level of closeness. He dares do what nobody before him has dared to do: gallop through the city of Deauville, for example, or invite his horses to eat at the Hotel Barrière Le Normandy restaurant…

He shares tremendous understanding and spontaneity with the members of the Light Dance troupe. Formed in 2012, this Ukrainian troupe of dancers is well known for its electric performances in complete darkness, wearing costumes adorned with colourful LEDs. Halfway between hip-hop and contemporary dance, the dancers move their bodies in time to the LEDs that they wear. The audience can scarcely believe its eyes: watching them dance, one might be forgiven for thinking that they are levitating, teleporting or even flying through the air.


Devoucoux Derby Cross Indoor.
A rare and spectacularly intense indoor Derby Cross. The atmosphere is extraordinary. The audience holds its breath, brings the house down with its applause and does not hold back in the encouragement it gives the riders. The trial sees riders gallop over 1000 m, with the best international event riders pitted against twenty or so natural obstacles. Last year, the competition was won by French Olympic gold medal winner Karim Laghouag. An absolute must.


Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre – Hall 5b 
Saturday 24 November, 8:30 PM 
Tickets start at €50 for category 3 (adults) and €29 for category 3 (children) 
Tickets for Nuit du Cheval grant holders access to the show during the day of the performance. 
Paris Horse Show tickets do not grant holders access to Nuit du Cheval.