Discover the Paris Indoor Horse Competition


Discover varieties of horse riding disciplines. This is the perfect occasion to see how horse riding demands agility, strength and frankness for both the horse and the rider.

An original indoor horse competition.  For five days, Hall 5a will be transformed into a national competition venue open to all levels and every discipline.

The 2019 Salon du Cheval de Paris is putting sport centre stage with an extraordinary programme of national competitions to enjoy during the Paris Indoor horse competition.

On the programme:

National professional and amateur trials with total prize money of €40,000, plus national club and pony trials - there really is something for everyone!

  • Show jumping: pro, amateur, 7-year-old, Tournée des As, Top of CREIF, ponies, club and teacher trials.
  • Dressage: pro, Tournée des As, club and carrousel trials.
  • Eventing: Shetland cross.
  • Harness: Paris’ Cup d’Attelage (elite pro).
  • Vaulting: International Vaulting Masters
  • Horseball: Horseball Paris’ Cup (elite pro women).
  • Western: list of trials to be announced.
  • Hunter: list of trials to be announced.


Every discipline is included in the programme! 

For optimal rider and horse comfort, the 2019 show’s teams have put sport centre stage this year by ensuring participants enjoy a range of top-quality services, including stables management, a sports office, relaxation areas for riders, and arenas and paddocks specially redesigned for the show to meet your every need. 

Two tailor-made circuits at your disposal



Sport surface

Public galleries

National arena

65 x 35 m

Accès direct

Toubin Clément 

800 people

Prestige arena

70 x 35 m

Accès direct

Toubin Clément

1, 000 people

Reorganisation of sports areas to improve competition conditions

  • Hall 4 will be closed to the public and dedicated to sport horses.
  • Showers will be installed next to boxes - enough to avoid long waits!
  • The horse rider reception area and sports office will be managed by competitor service professionals Grand Prix Classique

After the effort, comfort!

Because you need a dedicated area where you can celebrate your victory after a competition, we’ve prepared two meeting spaces. An ideal way to make the most of the unique Salon du Cheval de Paris experience.

National arena: Recreation Area with a view over the circuit and paddock, access to the bar and “happy hours” at the weekend, accessible to horse riders, their teams and the public.

On the Prestige arena level: a “Lounge” area reserved for horse riders and their teams with a view over the circuit and paddock!