Discover and try out western riding

Focus on western riding

Inspired by horse riding practiced on American cattle ranches, this technique relies on the full availability and reliability of horses.

Although Western riding can be practiced as a high-level sport or leisure activity, it is, first and foremost, a meeting between a horse and an extraordinary culture.

This is an opportunity to see the iconic Western riding breed - the Quarter Horse - in action. A horse with exceptional mental stamina and numerous qualities, it is the ideal partner to try out Western riding in total safety.

The sense of freedom and security provided by the Western saddle, the fun and friendly aspect of the culture surrounding this discipline, and a learning process that’s less daunting than academic horse riding is hard to resist! 

Introductory rides: free and open to all

The Petit Far West - Parc Equestre Francilien (located in Le Pin, 77), invites you to get your first taste of Western riding in the “Western and Leisure” circuit of the Village. This is a chance for everyone, big and small, to get hands-on experience of this discipline in total safety. Mount a trained Quarter Horse and experience the incredible sensation of this riding style based on respect and understanding between horse and rider. 

Demonstrations by Western riding enthusiasts: 

Included on the programme of the Salon du Cheval de Paris for the first time in 1979, Western riding is now one of its core events. This year, you can join in demonstrations and events organised by professionals every day in the “Western and Leisure” arena in the Village.