Equi'Star 2016

From Thursday 30th December to Sunday 3rd December 2018, 12 artists, selected in advance by Diego Cassaro from the Théâtre Equestre de Wattrelos, a federal expert on the “Horse Shows” committee, will perform in the Village arena twice a day.

More than ever, candidates will need to outperform their rivals in imagination and technical skill to give ever more extraordinary performances. The goal? To give entrants a chance to demonstrate their talent and launch their career as a horse show artist at the world’s most prestigious events. The winner of the contest will take part in the 2018 Nuit du Cheval Show.

Who will be the new rising star of Equi’Star 2018?

This year, 12 incredible horse-riding talents will compete in front of a demanding audience at the Salon du Cheval de Paris.

As a member of the audience, you can vote for your favourite act. The riders with the most votes will be given a place in the grande finale on Sunday 4 December 2016 from 1 PM, when they will be judged by a jury of horse show professionals.