The Western-style competition is a major event at the Paris Horse Show. For the Show's 47th edition, come and watch the various heats making up the Paris Master Western All Breed competition. From Friday 30 November to Sunday 2 December 2018, come and cheer on the Western riders and their horses in the Show Arena at the Paris Horse Show.


The Paris Master Western is an international Western riding competition approved by the APHA (American Paint Horse Association) and the AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association). It follows the format of a regular show and you can come and experience the various performance trials at the 47th edition of the Paris Horse Show.

  • Showmanship
  • Trail
  • Trail in Hand
  • Horsemanship
  • Western Pleasure
  • Ranch Riding

The various trials in each of these disciplines, inspired by the horsemanship of cowboys as they herded cattle, showcase the agility and handling of horses. During each one, the gait, transitions, rider position and harmony between rider and mount are all assessed in order to crown the Paris “Horse Master”.

These trials extolling safety and respect for horses are impressive, but always conducted calmly, in a relaxed manner and with the focus firmly on the horse's well-being.

Come and experience first-hand a lively competition featuring the biggest names in western horse riding in the Show Arena at the Paris Horse Show from Friday 30 November to Sunday 2 December 2018. 


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Barrel race will be at the Paris Horse Show too ! (subscriptions available soon)

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