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Via Sandro Pertini n°7
Località Madonna di Lugo

06049 SPOLETO (PG)

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Our history origins in an ancient past, where handcraft and original skin handmade techniques were the basis for each sort of production. We moved this heritage nowadays, with a great mingle of tradition and innovation.
Here lies our essence, Tattini’s firm, our way of doing business.
The traditional wisdom and the innovative entrepreneurs’ approach have relocated us in the international pantheon of the equestrian footwear of all time.
We are moved by your satisfaction and we are glad ours are winning choices for comfort, elegance, protection and the unmistakable Italian style.
We just want to spread and infuse our passion for horses, nature and sport activities.
We wish you a future of efforts, discipline, self-denial and positive objectives!
Our equestrian footwear are our homage to your passions and needs!
Fashion sports consultants and designers work to realize always the best equestrian footwear ever and to offer you the perfect mix of innovative techniques and beauty.
The wisdom of craftsmanship and the power and precision of contemporary machineries follow the product process till a successful equestrian footwear.
Our quality check system seals each single phase of the process to reach the best results.


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