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Beige technical women softshell

Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear

Beige technical women softshell

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Brand : Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear


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Alexandra Ledermann Sportswear

At ALSportswear our mission is to create high quality, stylish and high-performance clothing to make you feel great and beautiful on horseback and in the city, whatever your body shape.

We bring you chic and unique French designs, combined with durable technical materials for exceptional comfort.

This is why our tagline is ‘Elegance & Performance’, it is our DNA. There is a real search for quality and style in all our pieces.

Our goal is for you to feel great and beautiful while you’re working hard riding your horse or focusing in the office or in class.

It is already mission accomplished for our loyal customers. They’re simply amazing and share their experience with our brand here. Many thanks to them!

This is what pushes us to continue innovating.

They have chosen us to be elegant both at the stables and in the city. They have a passion for horses, fashion, life and are not afraid to be themselves.

When you buy an AL Sportswear item, you invest in a quality product with the guarantee of wearing top-of-the-range materials with unique cuts which will show off your silhouette.

Our customer service is always happy to help you pick a size, a fabric or a style if you have any doubt!

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