Ethology: a philosophy and a way of life

In partnership with Haras de la Cense, the Salon du Cheval de Paris invites you to discover a new form of horse riding for greater pleasure, performance and safety. 

Focus on ethological horse riding 

Ethological horse riding consists in interacting with your horse while taking into account its psychological traits. The goal is to successfully achieve the behaviour you want without limiting your horse.

This practice, which enables your horse to obey without mistreatment, is increasingly used by major international horse riders. From preparation to the competition and the improvement of a horse’s performance, this know-how gives each rider the possibility to make technical progress, and improve their knowledge and understanding of their horse.

This natural method that has revolutionised traditional horse riding by allowing horse riders to form a new relationship with their mount relies on mutual understanding, patience and respect. 

The Haras de la Cense in the ethology area

communicate with your horse. You will learn more about your horse, understand and respect it through events, demonstrations and practical exercises to build the relationship of trust you need to move forward.

Visit the Show  and watch this approach - which can be applied to horse riding both as a sport and a leisure activity - and help put it into practice. It’s a unique opportunity to step into the arena and try out the advice of our ethologists under real-life conditions.

Take this opportunity to try out this method, the challenge of which is to develop a closer relationship with your horse and to practice a form of horse riding that’s based on respect, from 26 November to 4 December 2016, in the Ethology, Well-being and Health area of the Salon du Cheval de Paris