International Vaulting Masters

Admire the world’s finest vaulters in the International Vaulting Masters at the Salon du Cheval de Paris on Friday 25 November and Saturday 26 November 2016.

Vaulting in focus

Horse vaulting is the easiest way for newcomers to get into horse riding. This centuries-old discipline builds the confidence of riders by encouraging them to pay attention to their horse. The important role played by the senses, coordination with the horse’s movements, and the harmony between horse and rider makes ring vaulting a unique expressive medium for anyone who wants to explore horse riding from a different angle.


International vaulting masters

For the fifth year running, the Salon du Cheval de Paris will play host to the International Vaulting Masters in Hall 5b. During this high-level sporting event, the best vaulters on the scene will take part in trials in three categories: men’s solo, women’s solo and “pas de deux”.


Although vaulters are passionate about horses they are, first and foremost, high-level athletes. Combining balance and remarkable physical skills, they perform their various programmes in cadence, at a gallop. This challenge requires a mix of strength, coordination, rhythm and, of course, a strong artistic sense, which will be particularly important in the eyes of the judges.


Every year, the International Vaulting Masters brings together the biggest names in the field. These close-knit teams, more practiced and motivated than ever, are ready to give everything to win a place on the podium.



  •  Friday 25 November from 4 PM.
  • Saturday 26 November from 3:30 PM.


Anna Cavallaro (Italy) and Nicolas Andreani (France) will be competing to defend their titles! Attend the International Vaulting Masters on Friday 25 November and Saturday 26 November 2016 and cheer on the future champions!


* The show will officially open its doors on Saturday 26 November. However, Hall 5B will be open exceptionally on 25 November (free admission for one day only) for the World Arabian Horse Championship and the International Vaulting Masters.